EP. O2 You want to serve everyone but, everyone is not your customer.

In this episode, I discuss how set up your business for success in digital marketing. Knowing your perfect customer is the most important information needed to be successful when you begin to market your business. I discuss why and give a perfect customer worksheet for you to download and use to identify your perfect customer. Next, I discuss the 5 reasons you should be using digital or online marketing in your business. Those 5 reasons are, Traffic, Targeting, Cost, Measurement, and Repeatability..  (if that’s really a word.. I think you know what I mean).


Podcast Ep. 03: How to start and brand your podcast

  Ep. 03: How to start and brand your podcast It’s the third installment of the Marketing is Mandatory podcast I’m speaking about starting your first podcast and branding it to stand out in your niche. I discuss the rise podcasts as a popular media for consumption for...