Mindset Blocks That Are Keeping You Broke.

Mindset Blocks That Are Keeping You Broke.

Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep: 07:

The 4 Mindset Blocks that are Keeping You Broke


How long have you had that great idea in your head and never did anything about it?


Or, have you watched someone around you reveal their new idea to you, describe their plan for success, take massive action quickly on that idea, and today they are generating money with that same idea while you still are having trouble getting your business off the ground.

Or, maybe, you’ve dreamt of your success.  Talked at length about it to your friends and family, even wrote down your plan in your journal. But still today, your idea has not moved forward anymore than the first day it came to you..

Or, maybe, you’ve started your business already. You’re working hard every day, every night, and weekends too.  You feel like you’re following the steps, and working the plan. But, your sales aren’t rolling in, new customers are not knocking at your door, and you’re thinking of giving up..

Are these signs that you are a terrible at being business owner? Or, is this confirmation that you don’t have the skill to become a successful Entrepreneur?

Well there is a High Probability that none of this is true and, almost every entrepreneur has experienced these same struggles.


You don’t have to be trapped in this place of struggle.
There is a solution for this.

You can probably tell from the title of this post that it has nothing to do with your talent, product, or dedication. It’s all in your head. I know it kind of hard to accept that the real world outcomes of your business success like getting more customers, and building a profitable business are all connected to your mindset.

But, it’s true..

If you’re like me, you started your business to meet a need in your market that was not currently being met. This most likely was your first business, and there were no mentors in your life to show you a path to success, as well as answer your questions that arose simply from you doing something you have never done before.  So, when you were faced with natural hurdles, challenges that are inherent with business start-ups, you could only look to yourself to for a solution.


And here is where the Mindset Blocks show up..


When you don’t have a frame of reference for the problem you’re faced with, your brain attempts to connect theses feelings of uncertainty to any experiences you have had.

Uncertainty is fear, and your brain works hard to protect you when fear arises. Your brain naturally connects all “Fear” with death unless you’ve experienced this “Fear” in the past and overcome it.

So when you experience uncertainty (fear), and the risks are high (failing at business), and you haven’t overcome this uncertainty before..(like starting a new business..) your brain goes into protection mode. And tells you “Stop doing this business thing.. or we’re gonna die!”

The Brain like routine, and familiar things. When you introduce anything new, the brain has no reference or experience with, the brain goes into protection mode, because natural “Fear” is triggered.

Your brain whispers to you in a tiny voice things like..

“You’re not good enough..”  

“Everyone is already doing this.. So I can’t”…

” I’m not tech Savy,. So I could never create a website..”

and so on, and so on..   

This tiny voice isn’t real, so don’t listen to it.
If you do, you will never become successful at anything you are not currently with.


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Getting Started with List-Building

If you have or want to start successfully selling anything online you must start building your business email list.?
The Facebook/Instagram outage caused many of you some serious concern.  And, I wonder what the Guru’s said about those sites going dark?

They said nothing… Many of the so-called, “Online Marketing Guru’s” only want to take your hard earned cash, by selling you a program that seems so easy and simple.

“Just Post 3 times a day to Instagram,”  – they say.

“Scale Your Business to Six Figures, in a few Months..” – they say.

Now let’s be clear, Instagram, Facebook,  and Linkedin are A HUGE PART OF YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS MARKETING, but, there are just that…  “A Part.”

What the Guru’s don’t tell you is that building or growing your business online… is work.  It’s not hard…

But it’s work.

When the Guru’s Advice Isn’t Working

The “Guru’s” are selling to your desires and dreams.  They are not preparing you for the real work. What do you do when your Facebook ads fail, or your Instagram posts that get zero engagement? What’s your next move??  Oh… buy another Guru’s Facebook Ads program.. that’s it!!

No.. That’s not it.  Not at all..

When a business owner is beginning their online journey, most have the wrong expectations of the amount of work involved, or realistically how long it will take to get to success.

It doesn’t matter If you are selling a product or service, or acquiring leads for your coaching business. You have to build trust to build an engage any audience before you can even think about selling them anything.  Do you honestly think you can build real trust through social media posts alone? When is the last time you’ve spent your hard earned money with someone you’ve only experienced through social media posts?

Me neither.. 

The 3 Reasons People Buy From You

The only way to take an audience that does not know you, or normally doesn’t buy from is to do these three things..

  1. Show up consistently in front of your customer with a solution to one of their problems.
  2. Stay in contact them directly and frequently after the initial contact with more proof that you are the one that can solve their problem.
  3. Tell your audience about others that have experienced the same problem, and how YOU helped them with your solution, product, or training.

Now, try doing those three things only with social media posts…

Right..  You can’t. 

That is why email is so important. Email is the secret sauce to your online success. Building a business email list will be the difference between being just being visible online and actually making money online with your product or service.

Interested in learning more.

Click the link below and take and get FREE video lessons on

“How to Build A Business Email List,” sent straight to your inbox.

No selling involved. 

Do you Have a Business or a Hobby?

Do you Have a Business or a Hobby?

As an entrepreneur ideas come to us all the time. We have a vision of how we can change the world with your product or service. We dream about how our idea will make everything all better, and how our customers will love us for it.

Most business ideas are birthed from a need to solve a problem. The problem solving business idea comes to us in a moment of brilliance. Then the dream begins… We can instantly see happy customers, and piles of money rolling in. But, what we really see is a perfectly created business scenario manufactured in our imaginary world. A world where our product easily finds the customers in need, at the perfect time when they need it. 
Our business idea flies in, saves the day, and our customers are more than happy to cough up the cash. Big Money! Big Money! Big Money!

I was once told that “Ideas are shit, without execution.” Honestly, I believe it’s true. Only 4% of the people with great ideas actually do the work to make that idea a reality. Still today, with all of our opportunity and access, 96% of idea holders are not taking action. Although a marketing plan is necessary for success, you better make sure that there is a market for that idea to begin with.

Meaning, if you think it can be a great business, take action after your brilliant idea to begin the real business execution. Be the 4%!

Now, this step is kinda boring, but you will learn to love it after you see how how much time and money it saves you. This step will help you see whether you have a business opportunity, or simply a hobby.

So before you go out and rent the space and start to cash those big ole’ checks, I urge you to ask a few questions about your new idea, or even current business to understand if a market will support your idea.

Answering these questions will do the following;

  1. Identify if there is a market or markets that can support your business idea
  2. Uncover ways to market your product or service to your potential customers
  3. Find blind spots in your idea or business that can expose you to be replaced by competition
  4. Find markets where competition is the low
  5. Uncover potential new products or services you can offer that can compliment your original idea to increase revenue
  6. Price your product or service

Market Opportunity Questions
Take your business ides of current offerings through these few steps;

  1. How unique is your product or service in that market?
  2. Does you potential customer have a problem that your particular product or service provide a solution for?
  3. Is your potential customer currently solving this problem with and alternate product or service? If they are, wha are they paying for it?
  4. If there is not a current competitor in this market, is your potential customer aware they have a problem that your product or service can solve?
  5. How ofter does your potential customer have this problem?
  6. How often will your product or service have the opportunity too provide the solution?
  7. If there is a competing product in this market how does your product or service compare in price?

Marketing means convincing your target markets to purchase your merchandise, creating a great client connection is an investment for the business. Marketing is the investment that your brings returns in the forms more customers and more revenue from sales.