Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep.01

Why You Should Begin Building an Email List in Your Business Today

The first episode of Marketing is Mandatory ™.
A podcast dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, coaches, and consultants the step-by-step strategies for marketing their business online to acquire more customers and generate more income.

On episode one, we discuss one of the reasons why most small businesses fail. It’s the concept that many small businesses don’t connect paid marketing efforts to the acquisition of new customers. Moreover, many small businesses don’t consider paid marketing as one of the most important activities they should be performing in their business.

Marketing is Mandatory ™ podcast focuses on using internet marketing strategies to grow your business. In future episodes, we discuss and teach strategies for using Facebook, Instagram, and Email to acquire new customers. You can also expect to hear interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals to discuss what is working right now in their businesses.