Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep.04

Smash Your Business Goals with the D.R.E.A.M. Formula.

In this episode of the Marketing is Mandatory podcast I discuss how I hit my business goals in 2018 using the D.R.E.A.M. formula.

Winding down for this last year, I can remember around this time last year, when I was able to set most of my goals for my business for 2018. Surprisingly I was able to reach most of them. I did it through using a formula I created.

I know there are a lot of tips and techniques out there that people use, so I’m going to share the one with you that works for me. I call it “The Dream Formula.” It is something that I created after going through a series of mishaps in failed attempts.  Once I started implementing some very specific steps and started taking on a particular mindset it became easier for me to hit each one of my goals. So in this episode, I’m going to share with you what I called the ‘Dream Formula: How to achieve your business goals in one year!

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The Dream Formula:
How to achieve your business goals in one year.

Each letter stands for something. Each letter stands for a particular action on mindset. It’s not each one of them individually that get you over the hump. It’s the combination of all the steps that get you to success that you’re looking for.   If you really want to reach her goals, I suggest that you use this formula. It’s a mixture of things you may have heard before, and some you might not have her before. But ultimately by combining all of these particular actions you absolutely should reach your business goals.

Achieving the goals is just one benefit to using this formula.  It’s all the other benefits that come along with using a formula that make it amazing.  Using this formula I achieved a new clarity and understanding about my product offerings. It became very obvious what my exact niche was and the benefits that I offered to my particular customers. With that clear information,  I was able to expand on those benefits and get specific on the things that my business offers while at the same time it allowed me to adjust my price point and become more valuable to the customers that I serve.

The Dream Formula also puts measures in place that are going to ‘protect yourself from yourself.’  Meaning, that we all have shortcomings of any kind, or self-sabotaging mindsets and actions that we try to avoid, this formula will protect you from self-sabotage by delivering achievement and success.

Attack and hit your goals this year!!!

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