If you have or want to start successfully selling anything online you must start building your business email list.?
The Facebook/Instagram outage caused many of you some serious concern.  And, I wonder what the Guru’s said about those sites going dark?

They said nothing… Many of the so-called, “Online Marketing Guru’s” only want to take your hard earned cash, by selling you a program that seems so easy and simple.

“Just Post 3 times a day to Instagram,”  – they say.

“Scale Your Business to Six Figures, in a few Months..” – they say.

Now let’s be clear, Instagram, Facebook,  and Linkedin are A HUGE PART OF YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS MARKETING, but, there are just that…  “A Part.”

What the Guru’s don’t tell you is that building or growing your business online… is work.  It’s not hard…

But it’s work.

When the Guru’s Advice Isn’t Working

The “Guru’s” are selling to your desires and dreams.  They are not preparing you for the real work. What do you do when your Facebook ads fail, or your Instagram posts that get zero engagement? What’s your next move??  Oh… buy another Guru’s Facebook Ads program.. that’s it!!

No.. That’s not it.  Not at all..

When a business owner is beginning their online journey, most have the wrong expectations of the amount of work involved, or realistically how long it will take to get to success.

It doesn’t matter If you are selling a product or service, or acquiring leads for your coaching business. You have to build trust to build an engage any audience before you can even think about selling them anything.  Do you honestly think you can build real trust through social media posts alone? When is the last time you’ve spent your hard earned money with someone you’ve only experienced through social media posts?

Me neither.. 

The 3 Reasons People Buy From You

The only way to take an audience that does not know you, or normally doesn’t buy from is to do these three things..

  1. Show up consistently in front of your customer with a solution to one of their problems.
  2. Stay in contact them directly and frequently after the initial contact with more proof that you are the one that can solve their problem.
  3. Tell your audience about others that have experienced the same problem, and how YOU helped them with your solution, product, or training.

Now, try doing those three things only with social media posts…

Right..  You can’t. 

That is why email is so important. Email is the secret sauce to your online success. Building a business email list will be the difference between being just being visible online and actually making money online with your product or service.

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