Hi, I’m really close to finishing my online challenge, “Podcasting for Beginners.”
I have been working on this for about 2 months. I will be releasing it in late December 2018.
This challenge will teach just about everything you need to start your very own Podcast. The challenge will take about 5 Days to complete, and will cover everything from how to choose and test your topic, to recording, editing, and launching your podcast to get the most listeners fast. The challenge will include 5 Days of Live training on facebook, worksheets, and downloads so you can get the most from these 5 Days of Training. I will also include a listing of the best Podcast equipment to buy on a budget and recording techniques. By the way, this challenge will be absolutely free.

But I still need your help. Before I finalizing everything and open the registration, I want to make sure I cover everything. Here is where you come in?  you.

Can you answer this super short survey? There is really only one thing I want to ask. What are you two top questions about podcasting that absolutely need to answer in my upcoming online challenge.

But before

I am going to