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Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep: 03:

How to Start and Brand Your Podcast.

It’s the third installment of the Marketing is Mandatory podcast I’m speaking about starting your first podcast and branding it to stand out in your niche. I discuss the rise podcasts as a popular media for consumption for close to 50% of the united states. How podcasts are becoming popular in almost every industry. From entertainment, health, comedy, news, and politics. I also discuss how branding your podcast can help you stand out in the increasing crowded podcast space. I specifically discuss branding activities such as;

  • A Quality Listening Experience
  • Planned Sound Design
  • Creating Offline Connections
  • Adding Creative Segments to Your Podcast and, purposely engaging your listeners on social media

As a Bonus to this Episode, I’ve created a “20 Point Podcast Launch Checklist.” This checklist will give you this free pdf document that will make sure when you launch your first podcast, you’ve crossed all your ‘t’s” and dotted all of your “i’s” .   My goal is to help you have a successful launch, increase your audience, and broaden the awareness of your offer, product, or service.

Download the 20 Point Check-List  

Download the Free 20 Point Podcast Launch Checklist

  This 5 Day Challenge will give step-by-step instructions on how to start and launch your first podcast, and get your first subscribers. You can register for this free 5 Day challenge at http://www.5DayPodcastChallenge.com 

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