The B.A.S.I.C. Marketing Formula

The post below breaks down a step-by-step formula for marketing just about anything online.

by | Feb 6, 2019

There are 5 Simple steps to creating a profitable online business. I have outlined it in the B.A.S.I.C. System. This system has been proven over and over again by hundreds of online entrepreneurs and business owners. I have detailed each step in the following post.



Communicating to your potential customer that you can solve their problems and you have just become valuable. Take the time to know your audience, but more importantly, you must know their dreams, desires, and goals along with their struggles, pain points and hurdles. Once you know these things, you can then solve their problems.



Your email address is your most valuable asset when it comes to generating revenue. The larger your list, the more sales, the more 💰💰you make! It’s easier and cheaper to show your value to your potential customer via email. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn changing their policies and algorithms at any time, Email is the best way to grow your business, protect your self from any platform change. It’s also waaayyyy cheaper too!! Use social media to create awareness, visibility, and capture an email address. TO do this you will need to use email marketing software and a landing page. This is pretty easy to accomplish, even for the beginner.



Now that you have their email address you can show your potential customer you can solve their problems or just make their life easier with your product or service. Showing up consistently with value will build massive trust. Sending a sequence of emails that help your potential customer, will not only be well received but it will be anticipated. Did you know you can do this with every new email address on “autopilot?” With email automation, you can simply design this once, and you can build trust “automagically” with every new email address. Even when you are sleeping. 😴 👏🏽 👏🏽



Set up a way to take payment. PayPal, WooCommerce, SamCart, Stripe, or whatever you choose, just get it set up asap. There’s no point on having an online business unless you can take payments online. And you can’t make 💵 in your 😴 if you have to wake up and collect the money….🤔 Find a payment processor you like and set it up. They range from Free to $120 per month. It depends on how easy or how many products or services you will be selling.



Time to make an offer? Give your potential customer something to buy. Just make sure that your “Something” further solves the problem you’ve convinced your potential customer you can solve in your previous email messages. You’ve “built trust through generosity.” This offer could.. Simply just make their life easier. It could be your custom product or service. It could be a series of detailed tutorial videos. It could be a live in-person class or training. It could be a special membership or club It could be a personal training package or a special diet plan. Just make the offer. And if you have completed the previous steps correctly… then it’s time to watch the sales roll In! Please Note: Not everyone on your email list will buy the first time, but those who don’t buy the first time, will probably purchase your product the second or third time you make the offer. Just keep adding value, and building trust through your email messages.

And that is your B.A.S.I.C. System for making $$ online!


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