Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep.05

Why You Should Begin Building an Email List in Your Business Today.

FACT: Email marketing generates $47.50 in revenue for every dollar that is spent, according to the National Client Email report of 2015.

If you are starting or currently running an online business you must continually be email list-building.  Your email list is one of the primary drivers of revenue. Email is the surefire way to create intimacy and build relationships with your potential customers. Email is the most efficient way to build trust.

In fact, I would say email builds a deeper level of trust, because you can personalize it. 

Each Day It’s Get’s More Difficult to Cut Through the Noise of Social Media to Reach Your Target Customer.

The fast moving, every changing, cluttered with ads, social media feeds on Instagram and Facebook are not the place to build relationships. Social Media is where you build awareness. For the average business owner, it’s too expensive to produce high quality videos daily. So the high levels of engagement that we used to get with simple image posts, today is only achieved with paid ads. So Idea of continuous posting is really a shotgun approach to marketing and acquiring customers. “Shotgun,” meaning “Spray and Pray.”  With this approach you hope you message lands in the feed of your potential customer. 

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You Can Build Trust, Nurture Customers, and Build Your Brand When You Have An Ever-growing Email List.

When you send an email, it’s personal, this is because your recipient requested or opted-in to receive emails from you.  Your email messages are opportunities to have conversations with your prospect. When you deliver value to your reader over email,  they will begin to anticipate your next email, expecting to receive with every email you send them. As you become valuable to your reader, your reader will want to reciprocate. 

You goal is to give your reader the opportunity to reciprocate the value you give, by purchasing your products. The goal is to create this simple idea in your readers minds..


“If your free stuff is valuable, then your premium stuff must be amazing!”

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