Marketing is Mandatory Podcast Ep. 2


How to Set Your Business Up for Success With Digital Marketing.

As a business owner new to digital marketing, you are bombarded by friends, family, and business associates. Let alone colleagues, and so-called experts claiming to know how you should use social media to grow your business. You are told to post more pictures. Maybe you don’t post enough? Or,  you have to do video or tag every one of your friends in your photo to get the word out. Oh, and don’t forget to Instagram, Tweet, and LinkedIn. Everyone is active on those platforms! It can be overwhelming. Frankly, all of these suggestions are good ones. And in some instances all of them can work.

What’s going to work for you, and your particular business or offering?

What the hell do you do when you’re on it?

Well, here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you should be using Digital Marketing.
  • The Right Mindset for Digital Marketing.
  • How to build the Perfect Customer Profile.

Why Digital Marketing? 

One answer. You can get cheap, targeted traffic, when compared to any other marketing channel! What is traffic? Traffic is people coming to your website or online offer from everywhere on the internet. Digital marketing can deliver traffic to your website or Facebook page, or Instagram profile. It can bring awareness of your business to millions of people you don’t know. The amazing thing is that digital marketing can target the person who needs the exact product or service that your business offers! It can do this  better than any other marketing effort on the planet today! All of these people who fit the profile of someone who needs your product or service can become your customer.

Digital Marketing For a Local Business it means new customers from around the corner to 25 miles away. And since most of your existing customers are on social media, it means presenting them with offers that appeal to them because they have experienced your service previously. Now, they will be more inclined to come in, call for a reservation, and take advantage of your special promotions. Simply, they’ll spend money with you.

If you are selling a product online, you now can reach the particular audience that needs your product across the world. Imagine if you have a product that helps with dry eyes. Do you really believe that only people in your area need your product? Let’s just say out of 50 people who potentially could use your product, when presented to them, 3 people actually buy it. Now, If you present your product to 100 people, you will sell 6. Show it to 1000 people, and sell 120. With digital marketing you can show it to 250,000 people pretty quickly. That’s 15,000 sales. If you sell the product for $5.99, then you’ve generated $90,000 in revenue. What if you could do this for under $1000.00?  Would you?

Understand how the power of digital marketing, can generate the sales and customers your need to grow and sustain your business.
What is a lead? A lead is a person who is likely to become a customer.

Example. A new mother is a lead for a product designed for newborns.

Having the right Mindset, “Think Investment.”

Most Business Owners Don’t Connect Their
Marketing to Their Money!”

When starting a business, we consider almost everything possible except for marketing. I get it, becoming a business owner is sexy and prestigious. Branding, product development, web site and business card design, even store front and packaging are pretty fun to do. But none of that matters if you don’t have customers! Right? Effective marketing brings customers, and Customers bring money! Nothing else really matters.

You must look at marketing as an investment in your business. And with any investment you expect a return on your investment. And frankly, a pretty good return at that. Or why invest at all? When you’re about to make an investment, you do the following; research, ask questions, compare notes, look at the current market or environment, and probably start small to see what works.

In marketing your business, product or service, online you do the same thing.

Your First Investment.

Your first investment is in spending a few minutes and identifying your perfect customer. You do this by “Building Your Perfect Customer Profile.”

Because digital marketing lets you target a specific customer better than any other channel, Taking the time to build a detailed customer profile or profiles will significantly improve your success and lower your marketing costs.

Here are a few questions that you should answer to help you build a perfect customer profile. Creating a customer profile is the most important step to take before you begin digital marketing. It’s the difference between getting new customers and expensive failure.


Here is a FREE downloadable guide to “Building the Perfect Customer Profile.”  to jumpstart your digital marketing.